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A Dermatologist's Personal Skin Tips

April 1, 2024
*Photos are of models, not actual patients.

Have you ever wondered what dermatologists do to take care of their skin? This month I’m going to let you in on those secrets. 

At PotozkinMD Skin Care & Laser Center we have access to all the latest and greatest technological advances, injectables and skin care products.  However, my routine is pretty simple.

Lesson number one, the sun is not your friend.  When I was a medical student, I had the opportunity to do research in dermatology.  Before that, I loved going in the sun and had tanning contests with my friends.  The dermatologist I worked for was appalled and instilled in me why sun avoidance and sunscreen is so important. From my early twenties to this day I have used sunscreen every day.  Rule number is sunscreen with an spf of at least thirty every day.  I make it simple using an spf 30 lotion after I shave.  I love the outdoors and don’t advocate staying inside.  However, protective clothing, hats, sun-glasses as well as sunscreen is necessary.

Related to number, lesson number two is to avoid tanning beds.  Tanning beds increase your risk of developing skin cancer and will prematurely age your skin.  Getting a base tan is a myth.  If you want the golden glow there are many great self-tanners available. You might wonder about Vitamin D?  It is widely available in vitamin supplements.

Dermatologists don’t smoke.  Smoke significantly ages your skin and it has a negative impact on your skin's healing properties.  In addition to impacting your skin, smoking has many known adverse effects including heart disease, cancer and stroke.  If you’re a smoker the single best thing you can do to impact your health is to quit.

Don’t forget to protect your lips and ears.  These are two common locations for skin cancer.  I use an SPF 30 lip balm and never forget to apply sunscreen to my ears.  If you’re going outdoors, swap out the baseball cap for a wide-brimmed hat to shade your ears.

Hands off!  It is best to keep your hands off your face.  When you touch your face you transfer dirt, germs and other substances that you react to.  Avoid picking, popping or squeezing zits as this can result in permanent scarring.

Get checked for skin cancer.  Skin Cancer is the most common cancer in the United States.  When skin cancer is detected early it is almost always curable.  I suggest checking yourself once a month.  If you notice any suspicious spots that itch, bleed or change color or are new dark, brown, or pink have them evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist.  An annual skin check by a board-certified dermatologist is also a great idea.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, take care of it.  If you have any questions or concerns our team at PotozkinMD SkinCare and Laser Center is here to help.

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