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General Dermatology Danville CA

Eczema and Your Skin Barrier

Sep 15 2018

Though it’s sweltering hot outside across most of the country, September marks some big changes that we’re excited about. It’s back-to-school season and time for the weather to start cooling down. Get ready to switch from lemonade to hot chocolate and prepare your skin for cooler weather. Cold, winter skin gets a lot of attention … read more

Hand Rejuvenation Techniques

Aug 30 2018

As time goes on and we get older, we age. That’s natural, right? Of course, it’s natural for our bodies to change and adapt, but we are constantly learning how certain factors of aging are more environmental than we thought. For example, our hands lose connective tissue and fat in the backs of them as … read more

Seborrheic Keratoses: The Basics

Aug 15 2018

If you’ve found something new on your body, what is your first inclination? After we try washing it off (it could be dirt or makeup, right?), then we head to the internet. Finding something new on your body usually causes a little panic. So many of us fall down the rabbit hole of scary internet … read more

Best and Worst Foods for Your Skin

Jul 30 2018

We’re willing to try almost anything to get the best skin possible. We experiment and test, examine and document when it comes to skin treatments. What works for some people might not work for others, but the more we learn the better we are at helping you get the skin you want. And though we’re … read more

Skin care products Danville, CA

Physical Sunscreen vs Chemical Sunscreens

Jul 15 2018

Why spend so much time and energy (not to mention money) on the best skincare products and treatments, if you’re just going to go out into the sun without protection? The sun can undo that hard work, so keep reading to learn all about the best sunscreens for your face. Physical Sunscreens Sometimes referred to … read more

Hydrafacial | My Beauty MD | Danville CA

Is the HydraFacial a Good Choice for Me?

Jun 30 2018

Here’s a riddle for you: what do you get when you combine a nourishing facial, a chemical peel, and a deep cleaning mask? If you guessed the HydraFacial, you’re right! This treatment is a true powerhouse when it comes to cleaning, exfoliating and gentle care for your skin. And it gets even better, because HydraFacial … read more

Chemical Peels | My Beauty MD | Danville CA

How to Treat Enlarged Pores: Chemical Peels

Jun 15 2018

Enlarged pores: where to begin? The pressures of social media “models” who somehow look flawless as they shop their local farmers’ market, pose with ice cream cones, and travel to the most exotic locales can drive even the most confident person to question their skin. But, let’s just ignore Facetune and other pore-perfecting apps for … read more

HydraFacial MD | My Beauty MD | Danville CA

Experience the HydraFacial MD

May 30 2018

What happens when you merge invigorating spa skin therapies with advanced medical technology? You get the HydraFacial MD®, winner of New Beauty’s 2015 Best In-Office Treatment. We’re proud to offer the HydraFacial MD at Potozkin Skincare Center. It’s the perfect answer for our sunny, dry Danville weather and our active Northern California lifestyles. What is … read more

Skin Cancer Danville, CA

Skin Cancer 101

May 15 2018

With summer just around the corner, now is a good time to review ways to protect your skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet light. The incidence of skin cancer is on the rise, affecting millions of people in the United States every year. With some simple precautions, you can enjoy time outdoors and reduce your … read more

Feminine Rejuvenation Treatments Danville, CA

Our New Feminine Rejuvenation Treatments

Apr 30 2018

Feminine rejuvenation is one of the newest aesthetic options for women who want to address their most intimate concerns. Potozkin MD Skincare Center is excited to announce that we now offer Geneveve by Viveve for women who are interested in vaginal rejuvenation. What is Feminine Rejuvenation? Feminine rejuvenation, also known as vaginal rejuvenation, is a treatment … read more