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Skincare | Danville, CA

Your Yearly Skin Health Plan

Jan 15 2019

It’s the New Year, which means time to make new goals and try to become the best version of ourselves. One thing we know we hear a lot of, is how women are tired of wearing makeup. Not all makeup, of course. The self-consciousness that makes women want to put on foundation before they leave … read more

Microdermabrasion | Danville, CA


Dec 30 2018

We are always researching and testing new products that come to the market, but we’re often left unimpressed. Those expensive creams and tools often feel like snake oil. Did anyone actually get results from this product, or did the makers just want to make a product with the hottest new ingredient? Even worse, it often … read more

Laser Treatments | Danville, CA

Recovering from Laser Treatments

Dec 15 2018

Ready for your new year to start with a new you? If you’re like us, you want to do some things that show results. We’re overhauling the closet, cleaning out the cabinets, and gifting ourselves the treatments we really want. And we want treatments that show amazing results, like laser treatments. Keep reading to learn … read more

Cosmetic Dermatology Danville, CA

Time to Repair Skin

Nov 15 2018

Even though the cooler weather tempts us to get a little lazy and relax on the couch, we’ve got too much to do. Holiday parties are getting planned, decorations are being put up, and gifts are being bought. Even more, our skin is transitioning to cooler, drier air. That means that some of us may … read more

Laser Tattoo Removal Danville, CA

PicoWay Tattoo Removal

Oct 30 2018

Gone are the days where you thought you had to hold on to that ugly tattoo. Even if you just want to remove a tattoo you no longer love to get a replacement, we have a great solution for you. Keep reading to learn about PicoWay laser tattoo removal and how it might work for … read more

spider veins and varicose veins treatments Danville, CA

Spider Veins

Oct 15 2018

Our veins can get damaged through genetics, accident, or just time, as with any other part of our body. Sometimes a vein issue simply changes our appearance, while other times a vein issue can cause real health complications. If you have concerns about your veins, it’s worth seeing a doctor to make sure there is … read more

Laser Treatments | Danville, CA

Are At-Home Microneedle Treatments Safe?

Sep 30 2018

It’s easy to become obsessive about skin when you work with skin day-in and day-out. We love to see the results patients get when they commit to taking care of their skin. But, skincare isn’t the easiest thing to master. Our skin changes through the year, so what worked on our dry winter skin might … read more

General Dermatology Danville CA

Eczema and Your Skin Barrier

Sep 15 2018

Though it’s sweltering hot outside across most of the country, September marks some big changes that we’re excited about. It’s back-to-school season and time for the weather to start cooling down. Get ready to switch from lemonade to hot chocolate and prepare your skin for cooler weather. Cold, winter skin gets a lot of attention … read more

Hand Rejuvenation Techniques

Aug 30 2018

As time goes on and we get older, we age. That’s natural, right? Of course, it’s natural for our bodies to change and adapt, but we are constantly learning how certain factors of aging are more environmental than we thought. For example, our hands lose connective tissue and fat in the backs of them as … read more

Seborrheic Keratoses: The Basics

Aug 15 2018

If you’ve found something new on your body, what is your first inclination? After we try washing it off (it could be dirt or makeup, right?), then we head to the internet. Finding something new on your body usually causes a little panic. So many of us fall down the rabbit hole of scary internet … read more