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Skin Tags/Milia/Seborrheic Keratosis (SK)

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Skin Tags/Milia/Seborrheic Keratosis (SK)

In The San Francisco Bay Area

Skin Tags/Milia/Seborrheic Keratosis (SK)

In The San Francisco Bay Area

Skin Tags, Milia, Seborrheic Keratosis (SK) Specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area

At PotozkinMD Skin Care and Laser Center, our board-certified dermatologist have multiple treatment and removal options for skin tags, milia, and SKs.

What are skin tags?

Skin tags can be described as a small piece of soft, hanging skin or a benign tumor of the skin. Skin tags can develop on almost any area of the body, but they are especially prevalent in skin folds or where skin rubs against your clothes.

Developing skin tags is a common condition that most often affects people when they are middle-aged. Though they are not dangerous, many patients elect to remove their skin tags for aesthetic reasons.

What are the methods of removing skin tags?

There are several effective methods to remove a skin tag that could include:

  • Cryotherapy (being frozen off)
  • Cautery (being burned off)
  • Excision (cleanly cut off with a scalpel or scissors)

The type of removal method will depend on the size and where the skin tag is located. Some common areas we see skin tags are:

  • Chest
  • Armpits
  • Groin
  • Under breasts
  • Eyelids

Most removal procedures are done on an outpatient basis and usually require little downtime if any depending on the size and location of the skin tag or growth. Removal of skin tags is often not covered by insurance and the cost of treatment is determined by the size, location, and the number of skin tags being removed.

What is milia?

Milia are tiny white bumps or cysts that can form anywhere on the body. These are more common in infants, but anyone can get them. They aren’t dangerous, and they are caused by dead skin cells not shedding properly. The dead skin cells get caught under the new skin and harden to form a milium.

It’s best not to pick at or pop milia as it puts you at risk for scarring and infection. It’s typically best to let these small bumps be or have them removed in the office where the diagnosis can be confirmed and sterile techniques can be used to extract them. 

What is Seborrheic Keratosis (SK)?

Seborrheic Keratosis (SK) is a common, benign skin growth that tends to accumulate as we age. They are usually tan, brown, or black and tend to look dry, scaly, and raised. They often appear gradually and are most commonly found on the face, neck, chest, and back. 

SKs are not dangerous or contagious and usually only become irritated if they are in a spot that is rubbing against clothes constantly. Treatment is not usually needed for these, but some will elect to remove them for cosmetic reasons. 

There isn’t a fully known cause as to why some people will gradually develop SKs, but we do tend to see people who have inherited them from the generations before them. Even though these aren’t dangerous, it’s best that your dermatologist looks at these during your annual skin check to make sure that a more aggressive type of growth hasn’t formed nearby.

If you are experiencing any type of unsightly growth, tag, mole, or other unique skin lesion, schedule an appointment with Dr. Potozkin or Dr. Ellis. Not only can we perform your annual skin check, but we can check on any specific growths that you might be concerned with. For benign growths are happy to work with you on a cosmetic removal treatment whether it be with an over-the-counter treatment or removal procedure in our facility. 

Our Philosophy

“Our practice philosophy is simple — to deliver the very best care we can in the very best way we can. To us, that means we make each and every patient feel welcomed from the moment that they walk in the door until they leave the office. It means that we listen to what the patient has to say and address those concerns. It means we give advice and recommend treatments based on our extensive training with leaders in the field, our wealth of personal experience, and our commitment to excellence. For our cosmetic patients, it means working with the patient to achieve results that look natural, not overdone or exaggerated. It means that we always strive to do the right thing for the patient, as we value very highly ethics, honesty, and integrity. It means we stand behind what we do and will do everything in our power to get the best results we can for the patient. It means we carefully select the highest quality staff to represent us and help us carry out these goals. Lastly and most importantly, it means that we treat the patient the way we would want ourselves to be treated, with respect and kindness. Because at the end of the day, without all of our loyal patients, we wouldn’t have a practice.”

Extremely caring

"He saved my life! Literally! I've been seeing Dr. Potozkin for over 20 years and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my skin. I had melanoma 20 years ago and he took care of me and just recently I had it again. And might have more, but I'm waiting on the results. But if I do, I am confident that Dr Potozkin and his highly trained staff will take care of me. He is the best in his field. Everyone on his staff is so caring and helpful. I feel so comfortable when I'm there. So please, if you have any skin concerns, make an appointment, don't delay, your life may depend on it."

Diane D.
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Friendly & ThoughtFul

"Dr. Potozkin is an amiable, thoughtful provider.  His expertise is evidenced by his ability to diagnose and determine the appropriate treatment or options to address the issue at hand.  His staff is always welcoming, friendly and helpful which makes for an overall great experience at each visit.  I highly recommend POTOZKIN MD Skincare Center if you are seeking an outstanding specialist and staff."

Marian O.
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Efficient & Professional

"Dr. Potozkin and his team are the best! My skin issues/problems have drastically improved since I have been coming to this Doctor-over 5, maybe even 10 years. His staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The office is a flagship store that sells my favorite skin repair and healing products- by SkinCeuticals. I don’t live near this office, but I would never go anywhere else even if it’s closer. Absolutely worth the trip. The results are real!"

Gretchen Z.
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