We are pleased to offer HydraFacials to all our patients seeking healthy, youthful skin. This multi-step, gentle, resurfacing facial utilizes medical technology to give you glowing, beautiful results. If you’re looking to improve the texture, vibrancy, and evenness of your skin, the HydraFacial is for you!

Designed even for those with sensitive skin, the non-invasive treatment is safe for all skin types and comes with no downtime. The HydraFacial exfoliates, flushes impurities, deep cleans your pores, hydrates, and protects your skin.

The HydraFacial can improve the following elements of your skin:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Elasticity and firmness
  • Tone and vibrancy
  • Texture
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Oily and congested skin
  • Enlarged pores

The HydraFacial uses patented technology, including gentle, vortex suction to exfoliate and resurface your skin and then remove impurities which may be clogging your pores. Afterward, ultra-hydrating moisturizers are applied as well as antioxidants and peptides. You’ll leave with a smooth, glowing complexion with which you can feel confident.

With this facial, you can expect quick results with lasting improvements. Although you will see a marked improvement in your skin after just one treatment, most patients enjoy optimizing their results monthly treatments. To better suit your needs and skin type, we can customize your treatment to address your specific concerns.

If you’re looking to enhance your skin thoroughly, please contact us today at (925) 838-4900 to schedule an appointment!