Dr. Jerome Potozkin Featured on ABC7 news – April 12, 2019

“Dermatologist, Dr. Jerome Potozkin, spokesman for the Skin Cancer Foundation, sat down with ABC7 news to talk about some of the best ways to prevent skin cancer or catch it before the disease progresses too far. ”  Watch Here »

Dr. Jerome Potozkin Explains How to Lower Skin Cancer Risk on ‘Don’t Fry Day’ on ABC 7 News – May 25, 2018

“Dermatologist Dr. Jerome Potozkin spoke to ABC7 News about “Don’t Fry Day,” which is a day to raise public awareness about the dangers of the sun and to not damage your skin.”  Watch Here »

Dr. Jerome Potozkin Featured on Channel 5 KPIX – June 3, 2017

“Dr. Jerome Potozkin offers customized, minimally invasive treatments to enhance both our face and our bodies. ”  Watch Here »

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