Great experience from start to finish. I was welcomed as a new patient and Bridgett took time to speak to me, and it was obvious she had read my paperwork. Dr. Potozkin informed me of everything he was doing, and I left feeling very confident that I was in excellent hands. –Michelle Bedard

I’ve had pleasure of seeing Dr. Jerome Potozkin and his staff for well over a dozen years. Everything about the way he and his professional and friendly staff including Heather Nudo, N.P. has been top notch. I especially appreciate the philanthropic part of his practice, some of which his patients can become a part of. I recommend Dr. Potozkin and Dr. Monica Brar to people who want the best treatment provided in the most comfortable, curteous manner. –Monica Pinsel

Great to find a Doctor and staff with integrity! –Jennifer

Expert Injector Gave Me Natural Looking Results, Very smart and trustworthy, I am pleased with my experience. I had lost some volume in areas of my face after some weight loss. Dr. Potozkin educated me about Restylane and provided me with excellent results. I look natural. Not like I’ve had anything “done.” Nice office and the staff was very kind and informed me about various treatment options. I’d recommend them for sure. –Stella

Laser Hair Removal Worth Every Penny. After years of bikini and brazilian waxes I was tired of getting ingrown hair all the time and decided to get laser hair removal. I have done 4 treatments and it has drastically reduced the amount of hair and no more ingrown hairs. I may need 1 or 2 treatments to have all stray hairs gone, but for the most part I’d say there is 75 TO 80% reduction in hair. -Cali

I had the fraxel re:pair co2 laser treatment done on Nov. 4. I am 66 and previously had two fraxel restore treatments which did nothing for me. So I opted to go to the more invasive co2 re:pair laser.
I am delighted with the co2 fraxel re:pair results. It erased all the lines and age spots from my forehead which is now smooth and beautiful.
It improved and made the skin texture on my face and neck much more youthful too.I went out in public with base and sunscreen at nine days and looked okay.
The cons are looking absolutely terrible,red, scabbed and swollen for about four to five days.Tolerable pain after surgery for two days. Aquaphor helped alot. I sm delighted with the result – it’s taken ten years off my face and neck.
A friend liked my result so much, she had the same procedure done a month later! – Scarlet

Lashes Are my Claim to Fame, Took a few months to see progress but now they are very long and no longer need to wear mascara. People ask if they are real they are so long. When I do wear mascara they look amazing. After the first few months they are long enough where you can go a few days without applying every night. Now that they are long, I’ll use every other night. A little goes a long way so I’ll use one drop for both lids. I also put vitamin E oil and vaseline on the lashes at night to moisturize them. -Cali