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Fat Transfer Danville, CA

Extra Fat? Don’t Just Lose it, Use it!

Aug 15 2017

If you’re one who pays attention to the latest trends in aesthetic medicine, chances are quite good that you have heard of fat transfer or fat injections. This process of removal and injection has been a brilliant addition to cosmetic surgery and aesthetic practices such as ours. We are pleased to offer patients choices in … read more

Laser Hair Removal Danville, CA

The Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal

Jul 30 2017

If you’re tired of waxing, shaving, tweezing, and plucking, laser hair removal may be an excellent solution for you. Laser hair removal is on one of the most popular cosmetic services in the United States. Here are the basic pros and cons you should consider when determining if laser hair removal is right for you. … read more

Blepharoplasty Danville, CA

Common Questions about Eyelid Surgery

Jul 15 2017

If you have drooping or bulging eyelids, you may want to consider what eyelid surgery can do to enhance your overall look. Formally referred to as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery can open up the eyes and provide a more youthful appearance. Here are the basics of what you should know about eyelid surgery. Is eyelid surgery … read more

BOTOX® Cosmetic Danville, CA

5 facts you should know before you get Botox

Jun 30 2017

Botox is one of the most popular non-surgical procedures in the United States. Year after year, millions of Americans get Botox treatments to smooth out fine wrinkles and unseemly creases for a more refined and relaxed appearance. Here are five important factors to consider as you decide if Botox is right for you. Botox treatments … read more


Two lesser-known ways to Save your Skin this Summer

Jun 15 2017

Enjoying the outdoors is one of the best things you can do for overall wellness. Research shows that natural light, interacting with nature, and the exercise you get from being outside are beneficial to both mental and physical health. With all the extra time you’ll be spending in the sun in the coming months, it’s … read more


Reasons Why Mohs is Marvelous

May 30 2017

Skin cancer is a frightening diagnosis that no one sits well with. We understand this. In our Danville medical and cosmetic dermatology office, we provide preventive, diagnostic, and removal services that see our patients through an unexpected skin cancer journey. One of the best methods of skin cancer removal we have seen – and we … read more


Fractional Laser Therapy Paves the Way to Younger-Looking Skin

May 15 2017

Humans have spent centuries searching for ways to maintain youthful skin. The efforts to develop creams, potions, lotions were given the enormous boost they needed with the advent of innovative technologies. We have gone from a time of age-management using topical solutions like Pond’s cold cream or even Vaseline to wiping the slate clean with … read more

Aging Hands

May 2 2017

Look at your hands. Is the skin thinning? Do you see a bunch of brown spots cropping up? You are not alone. While we pay lots of attention to our face many people ignore their hands but for some it can make them look older. Most of the changes are from sun damage as well … read more

Get the Facts about Mole Removal

Apr 30 2017

A skin mole is an oval or round-shaped spot on the skin that can be large or small and may be pink, red, brown or black.  The majority of moles are completely harmless, but if you have a mole, you may find it unsightly, affecting your self-confidence. Moles can also be a nuisance, especially if they … read more

What’s to Blame for Spider Veins?

Apr 15 2017

Have you noticed small veins on your body that look like spider webs or tree branches? Those are spider veins, and they can be found on the face and legs, as well as in larger or very small areas of skin. Spider veins are like varicose veins, but they aren’t raised or swollen, and they … read more