Dec 30 2017

Do you have an unsightly mole? Is it causing you discomfort? If you answered yes to either question, you might want to consider getting that mole removed. A mole can be anywhere on the skin and is made up of cells that produce a particular pigment, like brown, blue, flesh-colored, or black. Typically, moles do not cause any pain and are harmless.

Why Should I Remove A Mole?

If you have a mole that rubs against clothing, skin, or jewelry you may want to get it removed. If you have a mole that looks different than your other moles, schedule an appointment with your doctor. A biopsy may be done to check for cancer.

How Is A Mole Removed?

There are several ways you can have a mole removed:

  • Your doctor will apply liquid nitrogen to the mole to remove it. This may create a small blister afterward, but it will heal.
  • Some moles can be shaved off of the skin while others may have cells that go below the skin. In this case, the doctor might need to make a deeper cut so the mole will not grow back.
  • A wire with an electric current can be hot enough to burn off the upper layers of the skin. This form of mole removal may require several treatments.

Your doctor may also consider pulsed light therapy or laser removal. The removal technique used will depend on your situation and the condition of your mole.

Does Mole Removal Hurt?

Any of these mole removal procedures can hurt a little, but an anesthetic will be used to numb the area first. If you experience bleeding after the procedure, medicine might be used to help stop the bleeding. Mole removal procedures do not leave marks or scars on the skin.

Can I Remove A Mole At Home?

Home remedies can cause infection, scarring, and bleeding. It is unwise to use lotions, pastes, nail clippers, or other remedies to remove a mole yourself. Before mole removal, the mole needs to be checked by a professional.

Schedule A Consultation

If you have a mole that is bothering you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Potozkin to see if you should have it removed. You can contact our office at 925-838-4900.

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