Oct 30 2017

Since the inception of Botox, it seems that every year has brought us an innovative new injectable product. The Godmother of all injectables has been joined by sister neuromodulators Xeomin and Dysport. Additionally, a sea of dermal fillers has rapidly risen, providing seemingly endless options for facial, neck, and hand rejuvenation. There are so many products at this point that they may all run together. Learning how to may seem challenging, but the little bit of investigative work that goes into knowing your dermal fillers can pay off in the long run. Here, we want to turn our attention to a lesser known filler product, Sculptra.

Sculptra: It’s Not Your Average Filler

What most people know about dermal fillers is that these products literally “fill in” lines and tissue on the face and hands. A large number of commonly used fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a sugar compound that is native to the body. The introduction of this compound draws water to local tissue, thereby plumping the line, lip, or other area treated for months.

Sculptra is different. This product contains poly-L-lactic acid. This compound does not attract water; it sits in the connective tissue beneath the skin where it acts as a scaffold, or foundation, for the uppermost dermis. To be truthful, this initial introduction of the product into the deep dermis does relatively little to change the appearance of the face. The magic happens over time, and that is why Sculptra stands out among other fillers. When poly-L-lactic acid is gradually broken down by the body’s enzymes, a progressive stimulation of collagen occurs.

Did you catch that? A progressive stimulation of collagen occurs as Sculptra is metabolized. What this means is long-term rejuvenation; ongoing rejuvenation. You see, for the skin to remain youthful in appearance and resilient in form, it needs collagen. Sculptra supports the production of this protein while also holding the foundation of the skin. This combination of action is what enables Sculptra to work for up to 2 years.

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