Apr 15 2017

Have you noticed small veins on your body that look like spider webs or tree branches? Those are spider veins, and they can be found on the face and legs, as well as in larger or very small areas of skin. Spider veins are like varicose veins, but they aren’t raised or swollen, and they don’t bulge from the skin. Aging has a lot to do with the onset of spider veins, and there are some reasons why they form. These include:

  • History of spider veins in the family. If your family members, especially your parents, have spider veins, you’re more likely to get spider veins than people without a family history. That being said, even if spider veins don’t run in the family, there’s still a chance you could get them.
  • Being overweight. Individuals who are obese are more prone to having spider veins due to the extra pressure your body endures from excessive weight. And unfortunately, once spider veins appear, weight loss isn’t likely to relieve spider vein symptoms.
  • Your blood vessels have to withstand more weight from the pressure of pregnancy weight gain, which can interfere with proper blood flow. Your hormones are also in flux when you’re pregnant, which can promote the development of spider veins.
  • Blood clots. If you’ve ever had a blood clot in one of your deep veins, you could be more susceptible to developing spider veins.
  • Prolonged standing. Spider veins can be a produce of your occupation if you stand for long periods of time. People with jobs like being a nurse, teacher or hair stylist are at greater risk for spider veins.

We can all agree that spider veins are unattractive. But fortunately, they are not causing for medical concern. If you do have spider veins, however, visit Dr. Jerome Potozkin today to see if there is a treatment option right for you. Our office is located in Danville, California, and we can be reached at 925.272.2695. We look forward to hearing from you!

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