Mar 1 2011

Facial wrinkles plague much of the American population. Many individuals are constantly searching for new solutions to address these signs of aging. Although, there are few Americans that actually take the time to learn why the wrinkles appear in the first place. With a better understanding of the causes, they can be prevented in many circumstances or treated effectively.

Causes Of Wrinkles

Age is one cause of wrinkles, although it is not preventable in itself as we all have to get older. Wrinkles appear with age as the skin begins to lose elasticity, fat in the deep layers of skin disappear, and  the surface of the skin becomes drier. Treating wrinkles after they occur is the only way to deal with these signs of aging.

Another common cause of wrinkles is sun exposure. This occurs when UV rays from the sun break down the skin’s connective tissue. This causes the skin to visibly age prematurely. Use of sunscreen and clothing to provide skin protection are essential components of wrinkle prevention.

Smoking also plays a role in the development of wrinkles and has a detrimental effect on the body overall. Wrinkles can develop as smoking causes changes in blood supply in the skin. Another interesting reason that wrinkles appear is a result of our facial expressions. Any repetitive movements like smiling or squinting effects the skin on an often permanent basis.

Treatment For Wrinkles

Once you’ve got an understanding of what causes wrinkles, the next step is treatment. Successful treatment options include use of injectables like Botox, Restylane and Juvederm. Photofacial, a laser procedure, can also treat fine lines around the face and mouth. To learn more about these treatment options, come in for a consultation with us today and watch our blog to learn more!

*Results may vary from person to person

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