In the past, when patients were looking to “freshen up” or shave a few years off their appearance, their only real option was an invasive plastic surgery procedure.  Today, that story has changed.  Modern cosmetic dermatology now allows us to address some of your most pressing skin concerns quickly, easily and minimally-invasively.  A unique approach that grows more popular year after year, do you know what cosmetic dermatology is really all about?  To shed some light onto what we do, we thought we would take a moment to answer some of the most common questions among patients.  Ready to find out what minimally-invasive treatment is all about?

Here is our list of today’s Top 5 Patient Questions About Cosmetic Dermatology:

  1. What are some of today’s most common minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures? Modern cosmetic dermatology offers a solution for nearly any cosmetic skin issue you may be facing.  Today’s most popular treatments include injectables, laser treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and much more.
  2. What types of cosmetic issues can laser treatments address? Laser technologies have changed the way we think about cosmetic treatment!  As one of today’s most popular branches of cosmetic medicine, our practice offers laser treatment solutions for unwanted hair, scars, tattoos, and various signs of facial aging.
  3. What’s the deal with BOTOX® and fillers? Are they the same thing? While BOTOX and soft tissue fillers are both popular wrinkle treatments, how they work varies slightly.  BOTOX, which is essentially a muscle relaxer, is best suited for “expression lines,” like crow’s feet and frown lines.  Fillers, on the other hand, are more appropriate for deeper wrinkles.  Filling in the valleys of creases, these treatments add volume to the skin and restore a more youthful face shape.
  4. Do cosmetic dermatologists really perform liposuction? One of today’s most common misconceptions is that only plastic surgeons perform liposuction.  Reality couldn’t be further from the truth!  Modern tumescent liposuction was actually pioneered by a cosmetic dermatologist.  Helping patients achieve their body potential, tumescent lipo tackles stubborn, exercise-resistant fat in the midsection, thighs, back and more.
  5. How can I find out if cosmetic dermatology is right for me? No matter what you’re facing – wrinkles, stubborn fat, skin discoloration or more – it’s time to find out what cosmetic dermatology can do for you!  And, the best way to explore your cosmetic options is to schedule an appointment with a board certified dermatologist near you.  Those in the Danville area are encouraged to contact our offices directly at (925) 385-8980.

Cosmetic Dermatologist In Danville

Ready to explore cosmetic dermatology for the first time?  Take the first step – contact us today and schedule a consultation.  Our offices are located in Danville, and you can reach us directly at (925)272-2695. We look forward to serving you.

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