Jun 12 2011

Botox and Dysport are two of the leading injectables used to treat wrinkles. Since they are used for the same purpose medically, a study was conducted to determine if patients prefer one over the other.

Botox Vs Dysport Study

The study was conducted by The University of California, San Francisco. It was conducted upon both men and women, although a greater number of participants were female with an average age of 54.4.  The injectables were specifically compared on the patients’ crow’s feet.

All of the participants had Botox injected on one side of their face and Dysport injected on the other for a direct comparison of the injectables. After 30 days, the participants were asked to identify the side of their face that they believed rendered better results. More than half – specifically, 64% of patients – unknowingly admitted to preferring the effects of Dysport.

Researchers do admit that further studies are necessary to determine if the lasting effects of Dysport are as positive as Botox.  However, it would appear that Dysport is the clear winner in this battle!

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