Your Yearly Skin Health Plan

Jan 15 2019

Skin Health Plan Danville | Walnut Creek | San RamonIt’s the New Year, which means time to make new goals and try to become the best version of ourselves. One thing we know we hear a lot of, is how women are tired of wearing makeup. Not all makeup, of course. The self-consciousness that makes women want to put on foundation before they leave the house is something women are ready to get rid of. So, in the spirit of helping you feel more confident in your skin, keep reading for some of the best ways to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful this year.


Planning ahead for your Botox or fillers ensures that you always look your best. Remember that Botox may need touch ups every three to four months, while fillers will vary, depending on the type you get and where they are located.

Resurfacing Treatments

If your skin concerns involve sunspots or age spots, then you’ll want to attack them before they become too noticeable. Treating age spots involves a deeper resurfacing treatment, like an IPL or laser treatment. Broken capillaries and fine lines can also be treated with a treatment like the Fotofacial.


There are so many skincare products out there that finding the best products can be overwhelming. In fact, some popular products don’t even seem to give great results, and rely purely on packaging to sell. Dr. Potozkin recommends specific products that actually deliver results and give your skin the best ingredients that keep it looking healthy.


Chemical peels help remove the dead skin cells that dull our skin and keep products from working their magic. Getting regular chemical peels once a month can help maintain your skin’s health, and support skin cell turnover.


If you have excess skin that you want to get rid of, Ultherapy may be a great fit for you. This non-invasive procedure helps treat loose skin on the face, neck, and chest. Get ready to say goodbye to wrinkles and excess skin.

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