Jerome R. Potozkin, MD and Dr. Samantha Ellis, MD are proud to offer Dysport and Xeomin, also known as neuromodulators.

Millions of people love receiving Dysport and Xeomin. However, because of how these procedures are inaccurately portrayed in the media, they are often feared. These injectables have gained popularity since its initial discovery and are now one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment options in the world. Unfortunately, we see many people with unnatural looking brows and frozen faces because of the trend in inexperienced and poorly trained practitioners offering these treatments.

At Jerome R. Potozkin, MD you can expect nothing but the best and safest treatment. Dr. Potozkin and Dr. Ellis are Board Certified Dermatologists specializing in minimally and non-invasive cosmetic procedures and has extensive experience with neuromodulators. Their knowledge on these procedures enabled them to speak at countless national meetings and has given him the opportunity to instruct other dermatologists and plastic surgeons on advanced injection techniques.

Natural aging or stress causes frown lines, crow’s feet, and any other unwanted wrinkles surrounding your face and neck. Additionally, repeated muscle contractions naturally causes the skin to furrow and fold. With these injections, we are able to freeze the targeted facial muscles allowing for a temporary smooth, wrinkle free, and younger look. When performed by a skilled medical professional, the results can be amazing. Our goal is not to produce a frozen look; rather, your procedure will result in a more natural, refreshed, and relaxed face. To minimize bruising, our office utilizes AccuVein technology to ensure a quick and speedy recovery.

During your appointment, we will discuss your cosmetic or medical needs to discuss which injection, or a combination of injections, will be right for you. On average, the procedure for Dysport and Xeomin takes about 5-10 with results lasting anywhere from 3-6 months depending on how your body reacts to the injection. Please note that NeuroModulators do not have permanent effects; after about 3-6 months, your facial lines will gradually reappear and additional injections will be needed. For best results, we recommend receiving treatment about three times per year.

If you have been considering Dysport or Xeomin, have received treatment by an unskilled practitioner, have previously received unsatisfactory results, or want to explore neuromodulators again, we are happy to help. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (925) 838-4900!