Rosacea: Triggers and Treatments

Rosacea is a common, chronic skin condition that causes the face to turn red and appear swollen.  Although harmless on its own, those who suffer from rosacea commonly complain of low self-esteem and embarrassment.  Unfortunately, there is no known cure for rosacea, but there are a myriad of treatment options available to combat the symptoms associated with the condition.  Beyond simple redness of the face, these symptoms include blushing or flushing easily, a stinging feeling and sores similar in appearance to acne.

There are often certain triggers that can cause flare-ups in rosacea symptoms.  While these triggers are unique to each person, common ones include exercise, excessive wind and the use of certain cosmetics.  What’s important to remember is that we can work together to reduce rosacea symptoms and in doing so, hopefully relieve some of the emotional distress that the condition can cause.

Treatment Options

There is no known cure for rosacea.  Still, we can work together to combat some of the symptoms associated with the condition.

Treatment options include:

•    Topical/oral medications: These medications are used to treat the redness and pimples associated with rosacea.  In some cases, antibiotics are prescribed.

•    Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): IPL is a process used to treat several conditions, one of which is rosacea. During an IPL treatment, high-intensity light is introduced to the skin for short periods of time.

•    Laser treatment: Laser treatment is often helpful for those who want to combat issues of small, red lines and lingering redness associated with rosacea.  Laser treatment works by removing outer layers of the skin.

Treat Your Rosacea Symptoms Today

Rosacea is a common condition with treatable symptoms.  We encourage your to contact us to learn more about the Rosacea Treatment available to you.  We offer Cosmetic Dermatology services for Danville, Walnut Creek and the surrounding areas.  Make an appointment today at (925)272-2695.

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