May 30 2017

Skin cancer is a frightening diagnosis that no one sits well with. We understand this. In our Danville medical and cosmetic dermatology office, we provide preventive, diagnostic, and removal services that see our patients through an unexpected skin cancer journey. One of the best methods of skin cancer removal we have seen – and we are proud to offer it – is Mohs Micrographic surgery. Here, we outline a few of the reasons why more patients are choosing Mohs for their skin cancer treatment.

  • High cure rate. It goes beyond just a “high cure rate;” Mohs boasts the highest cure rate, 99%, of all skin cancer treatments.
  • High conservation. Historically, skin cancer removal has meant removing a substantial amount of healthy tissue around the abnormal growth. This is not the case with Mohs. The meticulous excision technique, including immediate microscopic examination and skin mapping, significantly increases accuracy, which means greater tissue conservation.
  • In-office treatment with the local anesthetic. Mohs surgery is not the standard surgery one may envision. This procedure involves local anesthetic only. Patients sit comfortably in our treatment room, with a drape over the treatment site during the examination of removed tissue.
  • Immediate response. In the traditional method of skin cancer removal, a larger section of tissue is removed. This tissue is sent to a lab for microscopic examination, a process that can take several days. Because we immediately assess removed tissue in our office, we know by the end of the procedure that we have reached clear margins.
  • Minimal recovery. In many cases, patients recover more quickly from Mohs surgery than from conventional excision. The reason for this is the conservative nature of the micrographic technique. The average length of time for recovery from Mohs is 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Excellent for highly visible skin cancers. The layer-by-layer excision method developed by Dr. Mohs minimizes tissue disruption, which translates into less need for reconstruction and less risk of scarring.

It is our intent to provide our patients with the highest standard of dermatologic care available. If you would like to know more about skin cancer prevention, screenings, diagnosis, or treatment options, we would love to speak with you. Call 925-272-2695.

*Results may vary from person to person

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