Dec 18 2017

Each New Year we see people who decide that they would like to turn back the clock without surgery.  Non-invasive skin and aesthetic treatments have dramatically evolved this decade.  There is a huge demand for procedures and treatments that can help people look their best without undergoing the knife.  For some people surgery can provide tremendous results.  However, there are many who don’t want the downtime and risk that can be associated with surgery and general anesthesia.  People have different motivations in their wishes to look their best.  It is much more than simple vanity.  For some it is a simple desire to look their best.  Others may have a big event such as a wedding or reunion.  With people working longer many of our patients feel they need to look their best to compete in the job market especially in the Bay Area’s tech arena.  I have also treated people in sales, who notice that when they look their best they see a direct reflection in their sales and commissions.  This month we will explore a very popular treatment combination combining The Fraxel Dual Laser treatments with Ultherapy.  These incredible devices can help turn back the hands of time with minimal to no downtime.

What Causes Skin Aging?

As we age, a number of things happen to our face.  Some of the changes we see are a result of our genetics whereas others are a result of environmental factors such as exposure to ultraviolet radiation.  The sun destroys collagen and elastin resulting in textural changes, wrinkle formation as well as contributing to the appearance of unwanted brown spots and broken capillaries.  Daily sunscreen and a topically applied antioxidant are great preventative measures.  However many people require more to correct these changes.  In addition to textural and color changes genetic factors and sun exposure can result in skin sag.

Fraxel Dual Laser Treatments With Ultherapy

Many residents of our community have found that the Fraxel Dual Laser can dramatically improve the color and texture of their skin.  The Fraxel was the first “fractionated” laser.  This was an incredible innovation in laser treatments.  Instead of the laser hitting the entire skin surface, it hits small microscopic treatment zones like pixels on an LCD panel.  Treating the skin this way can heat deep into the skin resulting in dramatic changes in color and texture with minimal downtime.  Most people require a series of treatments to get the desired result.  The Fraxel Dual Laser actually has two lasers in one resulting in much better results in both color and texture than previous devices.  These treatments are done in a series waiting about a month between treatments.  Topical anesthetic cream is applied 1 hour prior to treatment.  For people with more significant damage who can take a week or two off from their social calendar our Fraxel Repair CO2 laser can yield more dramatic change in just one treatment.

The best treatment for sagging skin has been and currently is a facelift.  For patients desiring the results seen with a facelift I typically recommend seeing a plastic surgeon.  We see many people who would never dream of having a face lift and are seeking a non-surgical alternative for skin tightening.  They might be afraid of general anesthesia, surgical risks or simply do not have ability to take time off from work.  Over the last few years Ultherapy has become one of the more popular non-surgical skin tightening devices.  This technology uses microfocused ultrasound to heat deep into the skin.  The outer layers of the skin remain intact and the energy is focused deep into the skin the layer of tissue known as the SMAS.  This is what is tightened during a facelift.  Some people will see immediate results but for most it is a gradual change of 3-6 months.  This treatment can be performed on a Friday and you can be back to work on Monday.  In the past, New Beauty Magazine awarded Ultherapy “Best Nonsurgical Skin Tightener”.

The Combo That Works

A great combination is to do Fraxel and Ultherapy together.  The Fraxel treats skin color and textural changes while Ultherapy helps tighten the skin minimizing skin sag.  Once we’ve turned back the clock you’ll want to maintain the results with a custom designed medical grade skincare regimen with includes daily sunscreen, topical antioxidants and a topical retinoid.  If you’re interested in looking your best and are not interested in surgery call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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