Jul 29 2014

Psoriasis is a skin disease that causes patches of dry, scaly, itchy, red and irritable skin.  While the summer months generally mean relief for those suffering from psoriasis, too much sun can cause psoriasis symptoms to worsen. Here are some helpful tips on how to take the best care of your skin this summer to avoid psoriasis flare ups.

  1. Get some sun! Sunlight is the number one reason why psoriasis symptoms wane in the summer. Controlled exposure to sunlight has been known to improve psoriasis flare ups. However, it is important to sunbathe safely. Sunburn can trigger psoriasis and can cause an even worse flareup. Limit sun exposure to 15 minute intervals and always wear sunscreen designed for sensitive skin. Do not put sunscreen on psoriasis patches, but be careful not to get sunburnt. Take some breaks from the sun in the shade.
  2. Swim in the sea. Saltwater helps exfoliate dry, dead patches of skin. However, saltwater can also dry out healthy skin. After swimming in salt or chlorinated water, be sure to rinse off well with fresh water and moisturize efficiently.
  3. Keep cool. Heat and sweat can make psoriasis worse, especially on the scalp. Keep air conditioning on at night while sleeping, but be sure to moisturize. Air conditioning tends to dry out skin. Also, wear loose cotton clothing. Not only is cotton delicate on sensitive skin, but it will keep skin from getting sunburned.
  4. Wear bug spray! Mosquitoes, and other pesky insect bites can seriously irritate psoriasis. If you’re spending time outdoors this summer, especially at night, be sure to use insect repellent. However, DEET, a major active ingredient in bug sprays, can aggravate psoriasis. Select a brand of bug spray containing lower levels of DEET, or none. If any brand of insect repellent is too harsh for your skin, use citronella candles to help ward off bugs.
  5. Check your stress. Generally, when the weather is favorable, people have less stress. Take a vacation, leave work 15 minutes early, do whatever you need to do to unwind and keep yourself stress-free. Anxiety and stress upset psoriasis, so just kick back and relax on the beach this summer!

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