Gone are the days where you thought you had to hold on to that ugly tattoo. Even if you just want to remove a tattoo you no longer love to get a replacement, we have a great solution for you. Keep reading to learn about PicoWay laser tattoo removal and how it might work for your laser tattoo removal needs.


Older tattoo-removal technology like Q-switch lasers could help fade tattoos, but they never were truly gone. Some pigments were harder to remove, so you still had to live with your old boyfriend’s name or those birds that didn’t look very good anymore. PicoWay offers advanced technology that breaks down the pigment into smaller particles than ever before, which are then removed from your body harmlessly, along with other waste.

The pigments that can be targeted with PicoWay are across the whole spectrum, too. While older technology couldn’t break down all of the tattoo dyes effectively, PicoWay offers various wavelengths to remove all of your tattoo, no matter the colors used.


PicoWay is a faster technology, so it is quicker at removing tattoos than other, older technologies. The tattoo is also better removed with PicoWay, because the technology is better suited to the various pigments and how they react to lasers. Because PicoSure is faster and more effective, you will see better results with every treatment than with other treatment options. One other amazing perk about PicoWay is that, because it’s so effective, you’ll likely need fewer treatments to see your tattoo disappear.


PicoWay has improved on one very important aspect that encouraged many people to stay away from laser tattoo removal sessions. PicoWay lasers are also less painful than many older tattoo removal technologies. That means you get your tattoo removed even sooner, and with less pain than with other lasers.

If you tried to get a tattoo removed, but couldn’t stomach the treatments, PicoWay can help finish the job.


The age of your tattoo and the pigment doesn’t matter. PicoWay can target pigments that are freshly applied, or pigments that have been sitting under your skin for decades.

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*Results may vary from person to person

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