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Whether a patient is interested in BOTOX® Cosmetic or a dermal filler such as Restylane®, Dr. Potozkin has the knowledge and experience to answer all of his or her questions regarding treatment. During a one-on-one consultation, Dr. Potozkin thoroughly examines the patient’s skin and discusses his or her aesthetic goals. Only after this examination can he recommend dermal injectables or other skin care treatments offered at our practice in an effort to achieve the most effective results.

Our Dermal Fillers


Belotero is the latest, most advanced form of dermal filler available today. It can treat frown lines between the eyebrows, periorbital lines (crow’s feet), nasolabial folds from the nose to the corners of the mouth, perioral lines and marionette lines from the corners of the mouth to the jaw.

Juvéderm® Injectable Gel

Juvéderm Injectable Gel is made of hyaluronic acid and is capable of restoring volume to skin and smoothing away moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. The hyaluronic acid, helps to add volume and hydration back to the skin.

Juvéderm Voluma

Juvéderm Voluma™ is a new dermal filler formulated specifically to add volume to the face around the chin and cheeks. This is the only injectable gel created to provide a subtle, natural enhancement to the mid-face, addressing changes in definition that occur over time.


Kybella® first non-surgical treatment FDA-approved for treatment of moderate to severe submental fat in adults, also known as a double chin. Prior to Kybella, patients troubled by a double chin could only opt for liposuction or surgery, invasive procedures that are significantly more expensive.


Radiesse® is a synthetic injectable filler that reduces wrinkles, creases and scars by augmenting the body’s natural collagen supply. Composed of microspheres in a biocompatible gel, Radiesse is made from the same minerals found in our bones.


Restylane is a dermal filler that contains hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance that is found in the body. Restylane is designed to match your skin; smoothing wrinkles, sculpting lips or shaping facial contours. With its ability to bind with water, Restylane is able to perform for many months in your skin.


Sculptra is an injectable product that corrects the signs of facial fat loss (lipoatrophy) by restoring lost volume in the skin. Injected into the deep dermis layer of the skin, Sculptra provides a gradual and significant increase in skin thickness, improving the appearance of folds and sunken areas.