Apr 30 2018

Feminine rejuvenation is one of the newest aesthetic options for women who want to address their most intimate concerns. Potozkin MD Skincare Center is excited to announce that we now offer Geneveve by Viveve for women who are interested in vaginal rejuvenation.

What Is Feminine Rejuvenation?

Feminine rejuvenation, also known as vaginal rejuvenation, is a treatment that improves the tissues of the vaginal area. Women choose these treatments to address issues that arise due to childbirth and aging. Some of the reasons that women choose feminine rejuvenation are:

  • Improve sexual satisfaction
  • Feel more confident in the appearance of the genitalia
  • Reduce symptoms associated with urinary incontinence and other ailments
  • Address dryness and pain that occurs during intercourse

How Does Geneveve Help With Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Geneveve by Viveve stimulates collagen production in the vaginal tissues. The collagen essentially tightens the tissues and increases sensitivity and lubrication during intercourse. Many systems offer the same benefits, yet Geneveve requires only one treatment.

What Should I Expect From The Treatment?

The Geneveve system is designed with a device that fits comfortably inside the vagina. The device is used to administered thermal energy to the vaginal tissues. You may feel a slight warming sensation during the treatment. You are completely relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. After the treatment, you can resume your activities and can even drive yourself home.

When Will I Notice Results?

Some women report results immediately after the treatment. Collagen production can take some time, so you may not notice full results for a few weeks.

Are The Improvements Permanent?

No cosmetic treatment can stop the effects of aging, so you may need periodic maintenance treatments to maintain the results of your feminine rejuvenation with Geneveve by Viveve.

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