Injectables: Botox, Juvederm and Other Non-Surgical Alternatives

Injectable cosmetic treatments such as Botox and Juvederm are the focus of a lot of media attention, and are often represented—and misrepresented—in film and television.  As a result, many see these proven treatments as somewhat of a mystery.  In an attempt to demystify these treatments,  here is some information on a handful of injectables we offer.


Some of the injectables we offer:

•   Botox: In essence, Botox is a muscle relaxer that is intended to prevent creases in the skin.  The most common places for Botox are the forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet.  This treatment is most useful for creases that appear intermittently, such as while frowning or squinting.  Botox is an effective and wildly popular treatment, and has been utilized by 11 million men and women.

•    Restylane: For those whose creases are always visible and don’t simply appear intermittently, a filler like Restylane may be the answer.  Restylane is most commonly used between the eyes and on the “smile lines.”  Essentially, this treatment fills the spaces of wrinkles with the goal of creating a more youthful appearance.

•    Juvederm: Like Restylane, Juvederm is a filler that is proven effective, and is increasingly popular among men and women.  This treatment is intended to give support and volume to the skin, and is often used to sculpt the cheeks and plump the lips.

•   Sculptra: Countless men and women experience a condition known as lipoatrophy, a loss of facial fat.  While Sculptra does not treat lipoatrophy, it can help combat its effects, such as facial indentations, sunken cheeks and hollow eyes.  By gradually increasing skin thickness, Sculptra can improve the appearance of folds in the face and sunken areas.

What To Expect On The Day Of Treatment

Before any procedure, we will sit down and discuss your treatment goals and whether or not you’re a good candidate for an injectable.  If pain is a concern, we can talk about medication options for minimizing discomfort before and after the treatment.  These treatments usually take less than an hour, and often you will begin to see effects that day.  Sometimes, a follow-up treatment is used to prolong or enhance your results.

Learn More About The Injectable Treatments Available To You

To learn more about the injectables available to you, contact us today and find out whether you’re a candidate.  Treatments such as Botox and Fillers are effective non-surgical alternatives.  Our offices are located in Danville, and we serve many clients in the Walnut Creek area.  To make an appointment, call us at (925)272-2695

*Results may vary from person to person

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