Nov 30 2017

Global sales in the skincare industry are expected to supersede $130 billion in 2019. It’s not secret that we want the best and most effective care for our skin. Over the last year, the following skincare trends have made an impression on Americans. If you are looking to change up your skincare routine, consider how these trends can enhance your beauty regimen.

Eating For Beauty

Although science has long proven the connection between a proper diet and skin health, only recently do Americans seem to be taking this research seriously. Consumers have become increasingly cognizant of their daily food and beverage choices. Many now consider sufficient hydration accompanied by ingesting the right vitamins and minerals an essential part of their skincare regimen.

Brush Your Face

Dry brushing can create a lovely fresh faced glow. Some people even do full body dry brushing because the benefits are so noticeable. In Asia, dry brushing is specifically used to enhance the texture and tone of your face. Be sure you invest in a proper face brush to do the job right.

Exciting Textures

If your beauty routine has become boring, maybe Korean beauty textured products are the key. In addition to the ingredients used to improve the skin, textured products deliver an interesting application experience by altering form as you use them. For example, in Korea they have a powder to liquid serum that transforms from powder to liquid when you apply it to your skin.

Interesting Face Mask Options

Face masks have received a long awaited overhaul this year with the addition of new ingredients. For example, there are now face masks made of tea, clay, charcoal, or dry sheet masks, to name a few. These masks deliver instant revitalization and are one of the hottest beauty trends of late.

At Home Care

Recently, skincare companies have started offering high end at home beauty products. Now, you can conduct salon treatments from the comfort of your own bathroom. From ultra sounds to lasers, the variations available to consumers are expected to expand over the next few years.

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