Feb 28 2018

Rosacea is a rather common skin disease that begins to show up in people over 30. It is typified by redness on the nose, forehead, cheeks, and chin. For some people, small red bumps and pimples will develop on those red areas. It can also create a burning sensation in the eyes.

Unfortunately, rosacea can be a major hit to your confidence and stop you from socializing with others. Proper diagnosis and treatment can help your skin feel and look better while boosting your confidence. Specialists are unsure of what specifically causes rosacea, but it does not appear to be caused by bacteria. It is common for individuals with light or fair skin and those who blush easily. It may run in families.

The Symptoms Of Rosacea

The redness that develops on the face makes it simple for a specialist to identify rosacea and diagnose it. It is so obvious that sometimes medical tests are not required to diagnose it properly. There is a misconception that rosacea is the result of alcohol abuse. But it is true that alcohol use can cause a flare-up of rosacea. Flare-ups, or triggers, are caused when something makes the blood vessels expand. In addition to alcohol, these triggers can include spicy foods, hot baths, changes in temperature, or stress. More specifically, those with rosacea may experience:

  • Sensitive, dry skin accompanied by a flushed face that may sting or burn.
  • Small pimples or bumps that sometimes resemble acne.
  • Skin that gradually becomes coarse and bumpy.
  • Eyes that feel irritated or dry.

It is rare, but in severe and untreated cases, rosacea can create the permanently thickened skin or a loss of eyesight. It can also create a condition called rhinophyma, which appears as knobby bumps upon the nose. The nose can even appear swollen or waxy over time.

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