Mar 31 2014

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that impacts millions of Americans. The condition can flare suddenly, most commonly manifesting itself with the appearance of visible, uncomfortable red patches on the skin. It then subsides, often as quickly as it appeared.

Psoriasis typically occurs on the elbows, legs, and the scalp, although it can occur anywhere on the body. Patients may experience skin discoloration, itchiness, and pain in relation to this condition. For some, psoriasis can be a debilitating condition, though for others it is simply an annoyance.

The exact cause of psoriasis is unclear, though it is thought to be linked to deficiencies in the immune system. In patients who have psoriasis, the T cells (white blood cells that fight off infection) will inadvertently attack healthy skin cells, and end up triggering a defensive response of the body’s immune system.

Anyone can develop psoriasis, although it usually linked to genetics. Other possible risk factors for psoriasis include stress, obesity, and smoking. Cold weather can also cause flares of psoriasis, as can injuries to the skin, infections, or taking certain medications. In addition to the pain this condition can cause, it can also lead to embarrassment about one’s appearance.

Currently, no cure exists for psoriasis. However, there are many treatments which will make living with it easier! For patients with stress-related cases of psoriasis, it is important to find ways of lowering your stress levels, such as doing relaxing exercises. Methods used to relieve pain and symptoms associated with this condition include topical medications, as well as NB-UVB phototherapy, which works well for patients whose psoriasis has not responded to medications, or stress avoidance.

NB-UVB Phototherapy uses light therapy to treat psoriasis, and is safe for patients of any age. It involves three treatment sessions each week, for 12 weeks, until your condition improves. These sessions are quick and easy, and delivers effective results.

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