Aug 30 2018

As time goes on and we get older, we age. That’s natural, right? Of course, it’s natural for our bodies to change and adapt, but we are constantly learning how certain factors of aging are more environmental than we thought. For example, our hands lose connective tissue and fat in the backs of them as we get older. But they also develop brown spots and uneven texture that is more influenced by the sun and damaging UV rays than just plain time.

The combination of age and environment can turn our smooth, strong hands into spotted, skinny hands. That can mean hands that look tired, delicate, or even a little scary! If your prominent joints, tendons, and veins remind you of Halloween even in August, it’s time to talk about hand rejuvenation techniques. Nobody should be afraid of their own hands!

Plumping For Hands

Fillers that have long been used to plump up cheeks, give definition to lips, and cut a stronger chin can also be used to restore youth to our hard-working hands. The procedure is similar in both cases. First, your physician will numb the area to be treated, and then the fillers will be injected into the desired site with a needle.

Depending on the specific concern and filler used, your physician may massage the filler into place. They might also ask you to use your hands minimally for a day or two afterwards. If you’re ready to say goodbye to prominent veins, joints, and tendons, then fillers are a great option to consider!

Hand Resurfacing

After the plumpness of your hands is restored, you may notice the pronounced scars and sunspots on your hands. It’s amazing what we can do for those, too! Laser treatments or microdermabrasion may be a good option to help scrub away those stubborn spots and reveal more youthful, glowing skin underneath. Ask your physician what treatment will work best, depending on your concerns.

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