CoolSculpting for a Slimmer You

Jan 30 2019

Coolsculpting Danville CA | Walnut Creek | San RamonAside from wanting a more radiant complexion, there are some other nagging things on our list of resolutions. Namely, a few extra pounds that don’t want to budge. Those pesky pounds we gain during the holidays are not allowed on our bodies any longer! If you feel the same, keep reading. We have an amazing, almost-too-good-to-be-true treatment for you.

What is CoolSculpting?

Coolsculpting is an amazing treatment that has become so popular because of the results it provides. Also, this treatment helps freeze away unwanted fat with no surgery and no downtime. That’s what we call an ideal treatment!

How does it work?

Your treatment will begin with a targeted cooling machine that focuses on and cools the area you want to lose fat in to a precise temperature. Treated fat cells are frozen and then die shortly after. Over time, your body naturally processes those dead fat cells and eliminates them with your body’s normal waste. You choose the area, and we help you get rid of the fat! Your fat cells are frozen until they die. Then, your body goes to work, removing these dead fat cells over the next few months. Your best results may be seen between one to three months after your treatment.

Can I multitask during treatment?

One of our favorite parts about CoolSculpting treatments is our ability to do other things during our appointment. You can browse on your phone, respond to emails, read a book, or just take a little nap while the machine works its magic.

How cool is CoolSculpting?

Expect to feel a little chilly, but not uncomfortably cold. The cold just means that the treatment is working. The CoolSculpting controlled cooling is delivered via an applicator to freeze the fat you want to lose. The area will usually numb after a few minutes, so you won’t feel the cold as it works its magic.

Because the CoolSculpting applicators use a vacuum to draw your fatty tissue into the applicator cup, you may feel some pulling, tugging, and/or mild pinching as your treatment begins. Those sensations usually go away after the area numbs.

If you want to try this amazing treatment, call us today at  (925) 838-4900 to schedule a consultation.

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