Mar 15 2017

Bothersome love handles, and excess belly fat can be frustrating, to say the least. But did you know that there’s a way to get rid of it once and for all? It’s called CoolSculpting, a revolutionary non-surgical procedure that effectively gives you that slim and trim body you’ve been striving for. If you’re interested in learning more about CoolSculpting, check out these frequently asked questions.

What Makes CoolSculpting So Great?

When compared to other fat reduction procedures, CoolSculpting is the gold standard for many reasons. You don’t need anesthesia because the procedure doesn’t require incisions. What’s more, it’s pain-free. It’s also an excellent option because you don’t have any downtime so that you can get back to life almost immediately.

How Does It Work?

CoolSculpting works by freezing the fat cells, which are more sensitive to cold temperatures than other skin structures. These cells can then be easily removed with damaging neighboring tissue. CoolSculpting works best on the abdomen, back and love handle. The process typically takes about two hours, but it depends on the area being treated.

How Safe Is The CoolSculpting Procedure?

Having been performed across the world for many years, CoolSculpting is an efficient and gentle way to get rid of fat from areas of the body that haven’t responded to diet and exercise. And because it’s a non-invasive procedure, the risks associated with CoolSculpting are few. There will be some redness, numbness and bruise in the area that is treated, but it’s only temporary and typically goes away after only a few days.

How Soon Will I See Results?

It’s typical for patients to see the results from CoolSculpting between two to four months after treatment. This is a bit longer than other fat reduction procedures, but because it’s a less invasive method with no downtime, many patients choose CoolSculpting over other similar treatments.

Are You Interested In Learning More About The Benefits Of CoolSculpting?

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