Chemical Peels Treatment

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How to Treat Enlarged Pores: Chemical Peels

Jun 15 2018

Enlarged pores: where to begin? The pressures of social media “models” who somehow look flawless as they shop their local farmers’ market, pose with ice cream cones, and travel to the most exotic locales can drive even the most confident person to question their skin. But, let’s just ignore Facetune and other pore-perfecting apps for … read more

How a Chemical Peel Can Benefit You

Nov 30 2016

The word “chemical” can sound frightening. And when it comes to chemical peels, the thought of putting a chemical on your face can sound downright intimidating. The fact is a chemical peel is a safe, simple and effective treatment for achieving a radiant glow. If you desire a rejuvenated appearance without having surgery, a chemical … read more

An Overview of Chemical Peels

Jun 23 2015

Chemical peels are a procedure that involves the application of a chemical to the face, causing the skin to peel off and allowing new skin to replace it. The freshly regenerated skin is typically less wrinkled and smoother compared to the old skin. As such, chemical peels help in improving the appearance of the skin. … read more

Why Use Chemical Peels?

Aug 23 2013

Over time, our skin becomes older and more affected by our environment. Many lose confidence in their appearance, becoming more self-conscious about the signs of aging. Wrinkles, blemishes, scars, acne, and pre-cancerous growths can all work to damage our appearance but luckily, there are ways we can once more achieve a youthful and refreshed look. … read more