Sep 15 2017

The eyes have a great deal of power over the way you feel about your appearance. We frequently meet with men and women of various age groups whose primary complaint is the way their eyes make them look. Heavy upper lids may make one person appear tired. They may make another person feel like they look too intense, like they may intimidate others. The appearance of the eyes is much more than cosmetic; it is impactful of how we are perceived. This is a great reason to consider eyelid rejuvenation.

One of the common assumptions about eyelid rejuvenation is that this treatment must involve surgery. This isn’t always the case. Eyelid surgery is a service that we offer in our Danville office. The purpose of this procedure is to reduce sagging and bagging caused by loss of elasticity. Sometimes, though, the skin on the upper lids looks the way it does because of the brow. When the brow is involved, we may look to Botox for correction.

Botox As A Brow Lifter

Botox is the name that most people associate with wrinkle reduction around the eyes. This neuromodulator is only one of a few that are capable of rejuvenating areas across the upper face. We also use Xeomin and Dysport, both of which are also formulated with the same base ingredient as Botox. Therefore, each has the same mechanism of action on tensed muscles.

How A “Botox Brow Lift” Works

Neuromodulator products are used strategically to achieve the desired goal. Controlled neurotoxins have been used clinically for far longer than they have been used in aesthetic medicine. Their value and safety have been well documented, which can give our patients a sense of peace about treatment. When a product like Botox is injected into the muscles around the upper orbital rim, just beneath or above the brow, the downward tug on the brow line is released, and height is restored. With strategic use, it is also possible to increase the curvature of the mid-brow.

There should be nothing overly-complicated about rejuvenating the eyes or other areas of the face. To discover which treatment options may help you achieve your desired appearance, call 925-838-4900.

*Results may vary from person to person

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