Mar 30 2018

Laser Hair Removal Celebrating the arrival of spring means shedding layers of clothing and spending more time outdoors. Before you start choosing from your seasonal wardrobe, ask yourself if you are ready to go bare. The slower pace of life during winter and the desire to hibernate indoors may have left some areas of your body a bit neglected, and now is the time to tame that unwanted hair with our laser hair removal treatments.

Advantages Of Laser Hair Removal

Let’s face it. Getting rid of excess hair on the legs, chest, back, bikini area, underarms and other parts of our body is no fun. Even the most meticulous shaving routine causes irritation and nicks only to hair stubble emerge within a day or two. Waxing may work a bit better, but the process of removing hair with this technique can be painful. Laser hair removal is a much more effective method for quickly and comfortably eliminating unwanted hair from even the most sensitive areas.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Rather than cutting the hair at the surface of your skin or pulling it out, laser hair removal uses specific wavelengths of light energy to destroy the hair follicle. In less than one hour, you have smooth skin that if free of unwanted hair. Any hair that does not fall out during the procedure will shed over the new few weeks as part of the natural growth cycle.

Is Laser Hair Removal Right For You?

Some laser technologies do not work on a variety of skin and hair types, but our LightSheer® system is effective on the most common skin and hair types, including tanned skin that cannot be treated with other laser hair removal systems. LightSheer® is considered the “gold standard” for its performance, adaptability and patient comfort.

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