Jun 21 2013

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), acne is the most common skin condition in the United States.  While commonly associated with teenagers, acne can cause just as many physical and emotional problems in adults. However, according to the AAD, acne can be reduced by some small changes to a person’s skin care routine.

One of the major tips outlined by the AAD states that scrubbing your face harshly or using harsh products should be shied away from, as they can actually worsen acne symptoms.  Let’s look at some more tips, partially provided by the AAD.

5 Skin Care Tips for Clearing Acne

  1. Wash twice a day. Keeping your skin clean is very important to preventing acne, in addition to getting rid of existing pimples. It is also recommended that patients wash after sweating, as perspiration can worsen acne.
  2. Apply cleanser with fingertips. Avoid using a sponge, washcloth, etc., as these may irritate your skin.  Additionally, make sure the skin care products you are using are gentle and non-abrasive, as things like toners, astringents, and exfoliants can act as irritants.
  3. Shampoo regularly. For those with oily hair, it’s recommended that you shampoo daily. Oil from the hair can transfer to the face, clogging pores and causing acne to form.
  4. Let skin heal. Allow skin to heal naturally, on its own time. Picking, squeezing, or popping acne will only increase your risk of scarring, and can lengthen the healing process.
  5. Don’t touch your face. It’s important to keep your hands away from your face, as your fingers can transfer irritants like oil and bacteria.  Flare-ups are far more common in patients who continually touch their face.

Sometimes your products or routine don’t work, or your acne becomes detrimental to your skin or confidence. In these cases, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment with a board certified professional. Dermatologists can help you treat almost any type or level of acne using their expertise and the wide variety of options available today.

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