September, 2017

Cosmetic Dermatology Danville, CA

What You Can Do Right Now for Better Skin

Sep 30 2017

Regardless of your current age, you may question what you can do to manage the aging process. In many cases, the focus of age-management lies in appearance. There is something appealing about smooth, supple skin, about eyes that reflect inner vibrancy. In our Danville office, we routinely perform treatments aimed at prolonging youthfulness. Here, we … read more

BOTOX® Danville, CA

Botox for your Brows

Sep 15 2017

The eyes have a great deal of power over the way you feel about your appearance. We frequently meet with men and women of various age groups whose primary complaint is the way their eyes make them look. Heavy upper lids may make one person appear tired. They may make another person feel like they … read more