August, 2017

Silhouette Instalift Danville, CA

Stop Howling about Jowls and Take Action to Refresh your Face

Aug 30 2017

In the animal kingdom, there may be a certain appeal or function to sagging jowls. We do not belong to that level of the animal world; in the human world, jowls can be overwhelmingly distressing. They are neither useful nor are they cute by any stretch of the imagination. What are Jowls, Anyway? The term … read more

Fat Transfer Danville, CA

Extra Fat? Don’t Just Lose it, Use it!

Aug 15 2017

If you’re one who pays attention to the latest trends in aesthetic medicine, chances are quite good that you have heard of fat transfer or fat injections. This process of removal and injection has been a brilliant addition to cosmetic surgery and aesthetic practices such as ours. We are pleased to offer patients choices in … read more