December, 2016

Top Tips for Maintaining Healthy Skin This Winter

Dec 30 2016

Jack Frost not only nips at your nose during the winter months; the dry, chilly air he brings depletes the moisture in your skin, leaving it cracked, red and itchy. But take heart – there are ways to protect your skin against the harsh winter weather. Drink Lots of Water Even though a cool drink … read more

Preparing for Plastic Surgery – Are You Ready?

Dec 15 2016

Deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery isn’t something you enter into lightly. You may have concerns about the procedure, taking time off work and child care during recovery. These are definitely crucial things to think about before having the procedure, but the bigger question is are you ready? Preparing yourself for cosmetic surgery is important, and … read more

Keep Your Hands Looking As Young As Your Face!

Dec 1 2016

Not too long ago a woman named Ellen consulted with me for signs of ageing.  When the consultation began, I was a bit confused.  Ellen looked younger than her chronological age of 68.  She had been a long-term user of sunscreen as well as using excellent medical grade skin care products.  She was doing all … read more